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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Great Experience at Victoria Station in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

If you go to Victoria Station in Damansara (, you might experience a great and positive adventure. I went there recently, for some celebration with the company I am working in - we were about 12 people.

Waiters are flexible. My colleagues received their appetizer, and I asked for one, as my food was similar but not the same (and probably didn’t include an appetizer to begin with but didn’t remember it from my order). The waiter first replied that my food wouldn’t come with appetizer – followed up with a big smile, and said – okay, you get one. I call this empowerment, and delightful for guests.

They are courteous. I couldn’t find the way to the restroom, and instead of just pointing out the direction to it – as it is frequently done in other restaurants – they actually BROUGHT me there, and opened the door.

It is also a good webpage to inquire about possible employment – it would be interesting to know, the amount of inquiries they receive.

This all, besides excellent food. Which actually is the entry ticket to the restaurant business anyway.

Even when you look at their webpage, you will see that they reach out to their visitors. With maps showing the restaurant location (well, not all are there), menu and offering (now for Valentine’s Day with some hearts floating. Additionally, they have a mailing list, to send the latest promotions to those interested and a good way to comment on their service. Well, I reach out to the web, and comment to the rest of the world.

And this is the great workings of the web – you can tell good and bad stories about your experiences.

And the sad part is, that mostly, you will get bad experiences – bad attitude, waiters who don’t know their menu, or are not flexible, those, who only give one menu to a table of 5 (I am exaggerating), those, who make you feel that you are actually not welcome.

Send a mail to in case you want to comment.

I sent this comment to them - and I am sure I get a response back! -

Actually, they never responded - so much for great customer service even in a great place!


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