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Friday, May 14, 2004

The book story continues - MPH's and my response

Okay - as usual, I am very open, but this time, I had to "censor" the response back to MPH (below) a tiny little bit. It is not my intention to reveal somebody's identity.

MPH also asked me to describe the staff members that I dealt with. They send the mail on Wednesday, and it took me until today to get to respond to them. It is never quite clear if it is a good move from someone to blame somebody, and I really didn't want them to be hurt, reprimanded, or even fired. My intention was and is that customer service is getting better, and not, that people loose their job. So, I hope that I will see them again, when I visit MPH - which I surely will.

Okay - let's get to MPH's e-mail first:

"Dear _____, Thank you once again for your time and effort in bringing this matter up to us as we do recall the issue on Hitler's Mein Kampf in Oct 2003.

We deeply regret the inconvenience we put you through at Bangsar and Mid Valley recently. Totally agree with you that it is every individual that counts and makes a difference in every customer's experience!

Kindly accept our sincere apology over the issue of your book search. Incidentally, the book that you were looking for ,'Double-Digit Growth' by Michael Treacy is only available at some of our outstation shops at RM79.95. The book number is (ISBN) is 591840058. Would you like us to have it transfer in from there? It will take approximately 7-10 working days to do so. Do let us know so that we can proceed to do the necessary.

To help us improve on our service, we would appreciate your assistance in helping us to identify the 2 staff who attended to you at Bangsar and Mid Valley. We look forward to serve you better in the near future. Thank you and once again our apologies for any inconvenience caused."

My response to them is coming now:

"Hi ___,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my feedback - it is highly appreciated. I understand that MPH is striving to greater heights, and that the inclusion of feedback such as mine into your business model is important to meet and exceed your goals. I believe you understand that the sale of books and other items is only the entry ticket to this kind of business but that great locations chosen (which you surely have) and especially the relationship that you develop with your customer makes customers come back again and again and again.

I took a day to think through your question to identify those staff members of yours - it took some time, because I don't want them to loose their job or be reprimanded. I believe they might have just had a very bad day or bad hour and that this resulted in something which is not necessarily desirable. The lady in Megamall was Description following - she is very friendly, and asked me over to the computer to check the retrieved results of other books - in addition I had a couple of contacts with her during earlier visits of your MPH and she was always very helpful. It is just that this time, she failed in the end to follow through with her assistance - something that can happen. I also failed to ask her to show me the place of the book although I believe that this shouldn't necesarily come from the customer.

There were two staffmembers involved in the Bangsar subsidiary of yours. One was _Description of the Staff Member. The other - Description of the Staff Member. In these circumstances, more proactivity in dealing with situations that involve more than one customer at once should be included in their training programme.

Again, it is not my intention to hurt your staff members, and I would regret it, if they would be reprimanded or something in this manner. Please use this feedback as a case study or indicate possible solutions to your staff members in such stressful situation to them - to allow for further engagement increase in their performance.

I also appreciate your offer to source the book for my, but I have to turn it down since I was able to purchase two copies of the book from another bookstore. My apologies for this. Best regards, and have a great weekend ahead."

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