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Thursday, May 13, 2004

I found the book in The Times Bookshop in Bangsar Shopping Centre

Following the disappointment with MPH in Bangsar and Midvalley Megamall the day before yesterday, I went to The Times Bookshop in Bangsar Shopping Centre yesterday, in order to scout for the book there. Naturally, I failed to find it straight away again, and went to the cashier to inquire. Interestingly, the situation was very similar to the one in MPH, but with a positive ending – there were three employees behind the counter, one apparently the store manager. Two customers were in front of me, with one in the process of paying. The store manager, who together with another employee worked on preparing plastic bags or so, asked the employee to attend to the customer in front of me. Straight after one employee was free, they attended to me and off I went with the inquiry for my two books, as in the meantime, I was also interested in Seth Godin’s new book, Free Price Inside.

They ran the inquiry through the computer, and found the book Double Digit Growth quickly – okay, they had the advantage that I knew the title and author correctly, but then, retrieving books in a large bookstore from databases is the entry ticket of being the in book retail business anyway. Without this, one shouldn’t run a bookstore, fight?

The attendant went off with me, to find the book, but it was not at the right place, so we both scouted the shelves. I asked him if he was certain that the book was there and he responded, that there are eight copies of it. My kid, who was with me, asked, if we could go to toilet, and I informed the guy thereabout, and asked him if he could look further for the book.

When my kid and I came back, he had the book already – he said, it was somewhere else. I asked him if he could show me where, and he didn’t reject – he had done his job, right? – no, he went back with me to the location, where I then took another copy and told him, that I would need two.

At the cashier, all of the employees were friendly, smiled and were professional. It is a pity that The Times Bookshop is so small in Malaysia and not available in many locations. As such, I might have to go back to MPH, but will definitely enjoy Times from time to time again. They also need the support to grow.


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