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Friday, June 11, 2004

E-mail accounts with a lot of space - Adventuremail

Okay, after my recent posting, someone informed me that Adventuremail, offering 2.5 GB, is down. Thank you for the information.

As I said, I am not paid by the companies, and don't have an account with them.

I just find them online, check them and share the knowledge. I believe Google is great because the chances that they are down might be pretty slim. But okay - imagine, everybody gets to them moves rapidly from a Hotmail or a Yahoo to Gmail - could it happen that their server goes down because of the traffic?

And of course, there is a reason, why GMail and Google is a favourite and people are aware of them - they deliver!

By the way, Yahoo also announced during a recent investor's presentation that they would increase the size of their e-mail account, but nothing has changed yet. Will Microsoft follow?


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