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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Management lessons from Euro 2004

I am not a football or soccer guy, left the emotional attachment me when I came to Asia. My interest is captured only if it goes international – like the world championship in Korea two years back - which was really really great, or now, the Euro 2004 - but then, it is too late for me to watch.

The feelings reach Asia, and governments in countries like Singapore are worried that productivity will fall over the next, what 2,3 weeks, as people watch football late at night. Pizza delivery is being extended and bars and pubs are opened longer.

But let’s see, if there is something to learn through the championship – let’s start thinking – the management lessons from the football world.

France-England 2:1

England was in front of the game for a long time, and France only won in the last 2 minutes. Learning? Never, ever, let your concentration slip – focus on the task ahead, execute and implement until the job is completed –only than will you be successful

Portugal-Greece 1:2
Portugal was the clear favourite - strong in playing and with the home advantage. Nobody expected Greece to win. But the ball is round, the game lasts 90 minutes and if you are complacent, you will be overtaken by reality - displaced. Look around, what is currently happening to Nokia, the presumably unbeatable market leader, or Sony. Both are stumbling, and are displaced by a company, nobody took serious a couple of years back – Samsung. One was once saying that the strongest contender for the championship is not the number two in a ranking – it is the one, nobody thinks about as this one fights outside the box, unconventionally and uses tricks that the leader has not thought about. This happened with Greece - they just played their thing and suddenly were on top of the world - or better, beat Portugal.

What about the rest of the games so far? Any comments from someone?

I will continue to think, and cme up with more throughout the games.


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