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Monday, August 16, 2004

My kid's school

I just love my kid's school. He is turning seven years next month, and this makes him a first grader in the Malaysian school system. He is attending to a so called Smart School. What I like at the school is that the teachers don't drown children's creativity by giving an extraordinary amount of homework, or speeding up the school topics that are taught, overwhelming their still developing brains.

The children have a limited amount of school homework, and a lot of it is already done in school, under the supervision of the teachers and in teamwork with each other. I think no class has more than 15 minutes of homework. There is not much to do at home - may be 30 minutes max, if he takes his own sweet time. As such, he has time to play at home, or to draw some of his favourite pictures, which is a robot that is fighting against a lot of bad guys.

The school is trying to identify and support each child's ability and strength. Overall, the teachers, mostly pretty young, are really, really good with the children. Like, tomorrow, they start the final exam session for this year. So there was a lot of learning, nevertheless. The teachers tried hard.

The Chinese teacher is taking it a step further. Every time when there is an exam, she is sending a Greetings Card to the parents to pass it on to the children. I am pasting the link below - but it basically shows a scared guy walking over a wobbly bridge. The text is saying: "Dear Parent, today I did last revision for the tomorrow Exam, I hope that those revision have done in class really help my student. Good luck to all of my lovely students."

Doesn't this give hope that there is still greatness in Malaysia? Or, better - isn't this the Malaysia that we all should emulate?

Here is the link to it, just in case it works from here:


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