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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Waiting for others - what a waste of time

How do you feel when you have a meeting at 12.30 and meeting partner (MP) does not show up on time? I know that I need to accept a certain delay - traffic jams in KL are a normal occurrence. So a couple of minutes are okay, actually. It would be great so, if one would also call me or send an SMS if he or she is late.

Today I was waiting. I met someone I haven't seen for a longer time for lunch. I was at our meeting place punctually, and actually too early. So I waited. At 12.35, I called him and asked, if we were on. I always start to doubt that I am correct, when I have to wait, and wanted to confirm. Yeah, he said we are on, and that he was just around the corner.

So I kept waiting. Actually, started this blog entry at 1.00 PM, while still waiting. I walked up and down, looking into the camera shop and an exhibition from Samsung. Looking at other people who also wait, but which are picked up earlier. Others look at me, probably thinking, hey, this guy is still here, probably a dangerous guy. I called my MP again, at 1.15 PM. And yeah, he is still coming, just parking. It took him another 15 minutes. He is an important guy, important to me, especially professionally, since he knows a lot of people. A lot of important people.

But I don't like waiting. I think it is about respect - respect for the other person. Respect, what the other person represents. The one, who let's another person wait, actually imposes power. He "steals" the other person's time. There are better things to do than to wait. I am trying to teach my kid to be punctual, and I hope that things are getting better in the future.

If you could accumulate all the time in your life that you waited uselessly somewhere, wow, it would be another year or two. Imagine, one might wait more than a year in a whole life time.


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