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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Alamanda Shopping Mall in Putrajaya

There is a new shopping mall in Putrajaya, called Alamanda. It is also the only mall in Putrajaya. It is a two floor building, set up for RM380 million, and apparently, has been benchmarked against malls in Europe and Australia.

I like the building - it is not too big (thus, just nice for guys) with just two floors. Its layout is in the form of a "Y" (also the press wrote, it is in an "L" shape). Outside the mall, you can find a lake, and a playground - resembling KLCC - and I believe some more, that I haven't seen.

The shops are not too big and not too small - there were the usual clothing shops, perfumery, food plentiful, an MPH, electronics shops and some more. Not all the shops are open yet, with Carrefour still to come (well, see my comment about Carrefour earlier in this blog). Still, the Alamanda is just nice for a little walk. Really - it is not as daunting as a Times Square or the new 1Utama in KL.

The only thing that I didn't like too much was the entry to the parking lot - which is pretty small. And that not all the shop attendants understood what I said. They had to get assistance from someone who could speak a better English than they do. But this is my problem - my accent and my lack in speaking Bahasa that is good enough to communicate.


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