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Friday, October 08, 2004

Let's get smelly : 700,000 consumers to face water cut

The Star reports this morning that due to maintenance and repair works at the Sungai Laut water treatment plan. Affected are around 700,000 consumers.

"Supply to 221 residential, commercial and industrial areas would be shut off starting from 9am on Saturday and would return in three stages, starting from 9am the following day."

What do I say? Thank you very much.

Thanks for the early notification. Thanks for doing this over the weekend, when most of the consumers will be at home.

I think that this is great customer orientation - it will have the greatest impact.

Imagine the relief on Sunday afternoon, when after two days of sweating, we can finally take to long awaited shower. We will really appreciate this, right?

And it is a good move to keep the youngsters at home and control them - have a family life. Who wants to go out to party, if you cannot shower when you come home - smelling of alcohol, and cigarettes, sweaty from the dancing? So thanks for doing this to the community! Right? Please don't ever doing during weekdays. We wouldn't be able to appreciate it.


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