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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Screenshots... and the little "Thanks" that helps so much

I believe the whole situation surrounding Jeff might have finally cleared. And that is great.

And now he extends his Thanks to all. And that shows the humbledness (is there such word - I mean being humble ) of a great person. To be able to stretch out your hand - to friends, foes and woes alike - be responsible, and someone with a strong backbone and move on.

If you carry crutches, you will carry the load throughout your life. And think about it - there is always, always, always the one chance in any situation where there still is a way back, or around an issue. When problems and challenges can be solved. When greater damage can be avoided. I don't only refer to the big things in life here, but also to the small things, the personal ones. So next time you have a fight - just stop a second, before you say the "nasty thing" that you mean to say - stop this one crucial second, and think, how you would feel when you would hear what you are about to say. Frequently, we would bite our tongue and wouldn't say it. So, may be, instead, calm down, stretch out your hand and say - let's talk about it like adults.

Jeff, it is a pleasure to read your blog. I don't comment there because I "hate" signing in, but I appreciate your opinions and the way how you carry ot your "voluntary duties".


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