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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Woman married two men

The New Straits Times really develops capabilities to unearth this kind of stories.

First we have the guy who married 53 times in his life, now we have the woman who has been ordered to separate temporarily from her two husbands.

Syariah prosecutor Abu Bakar Abdullah Kutty is quoted as saying: "The matter in contention here today is that two marriages have taken place between a woman and two men in a year. The prosecution views this as something unusual, and shocking to say the least."

Help me out here - how is it again when a man is marrying two women? In certain areas of the society it is also not allowed, but we have an ongoing discussion in Malaysia about men marrying 4 women (so apparently the ratio is very small). I don't want to get into trouble here, so that is why am censoring myself :). For once!


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