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Friday, November 05, 2004

Some cases of company centric thinking

Okay - these are cases from Australia, but at least it shows us here Malaysia that we are not alone with our challenges to get a better treatment as a customer.

How often is it that a company has lots of statements in the Annual Report, or on their webpage cherishing the customer, praising their customer focus and even posting raving reviews of customers (which might not always be true - how often do you call up those companies to trace back someone who provided this feedback?) Companies simply don't realise how troublesome this is for consumers - their product is spoiled, they need a replacement - subsequently, they need to invest time or they have to live with inconvenience. This in turn might require them to take leave or come to work later, or spend weekends on things that hasn't been caused by them. It is tough for consumers to "proof" that they are innocent (guilty until proven innocent), that they behaved correctly and that the company product simply went haywire.

This happens - companies cannot believe or accept that their product breaks down shortly after purchase or during warranty periods. They make it difficult for consumers to get replacements, while it is easier for companies to organise service and replace what has been broken. It is easy for companies, actually. Employees in companies are also customers - they should be able to see the world through a consumer's eye. It is more difficult to see the world from the perspective of a company.

I specifically like the first story with the overheated computer and when the company replied that the lady must have left "left (the laptop) it in a car, in the sun, in a cupboard, near the oven or near a heater'."


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