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Friday, July 23, 2004

Ballroom Dancing and a Proton Saga

Okay - here we go and this is embarrassing.  My wife and I decided - really honestly - to go to take some lessons.  Where did we end up?  Eating steaks with my in-laws in Victoria Station in Damansara.

They came to visit us - while annnouced earlier, we didn't realise that there would be a clash of interest. At least no clash of twisting feet, hehe.  So instead of dancing, we stuffed ourselves.  The food was great, way too much, the service also good - not as good as last time, so.  But I am nagging.

So may be we try again at a later stage to go on stage and dance.  But hey - we change our car.  My in-laws brought down a newer car than the one I am driving now.  I am currently driving a black Daihatsu Charada - ages old. I think, it was built in the end of the 1980s or so - yes, that old.  But the engine was great, the steering wheel, a bit cracky. 

And I always said, that I am driving a 20% Toyota, since Daihatsu is 20% owned by Daihatsu. In addition, do you know that Perodua and Daihatsu have a joint venture or so? 

Okay - now I am driving a Proton Saga - again, it is not the newest one - about 4 years old or so, but it is a beauty, much more spacious.  And as a German - I see more the fucntionality of a car.  It brings me from point A to point B in so and so many minutes.  It is actually fun, to see a fast moving, "upgraded" car, zooming by, driving left, cutting right, and than, waiting at the red traffic light with all the others.  This driver is then waiting longer - I come to the traffic light, rolling the last couple of meters, and when I arrive, the traffic light turns green.  You can save fuel, when you do this as well - it is called smart driving - no kidding. 

Not sure why I wrote all of this - this is worth another entry, actually - but I change the title already (the first version was: Ballroom dancing - what happened) and now it fits.





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