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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Ballroom Dancing

Tonight, I am going to learn ballroom dance, together with my wife.  It will take place in our apartment area, and boy, I don't know if I want to.  She got the idea when we went to the birthday party of my boss here in Malaysia, and when the night moved on, people started to dance.  Naturally, some form of ballroom dance was the "main theme", since he played the suitable music, namely Jazz. And those from the firm we are working in, just didn't want to get up and dance.  Like little kids, did we sit and looked at each other - you go first, no you, okay, let's go together. In the end, some went, others didn't and some went home.

The last time I learnt ballroom dancing is many many years ago - when I was still in High School.  My friends and I teamed up to take some lessons - mainly boys, a few girls.  It was fun, and well, the main challenge was not to look down at your feet when you move and, especially, don't step on the feet of your partner. 

I remember, that there were as many guys as girls - but taste , at least taste according to our perception - and group pressure directed our choice.  We boys thought that of the 10 girls, about 4 looked good, 2 so so and 4 weren't to our taste (sorry for this, but well, that is how guys think when they are young, in a group, and act rather weird, to put it mildly :) - no pun intended.

And when there was always the time, when one gender had to choose their respective partner.  We stood in opposing lanes - one side the boys and one side the girls.  The instructor would choose, who is going for which group - boys  for girls or girls for boys.  One time, when the boys came to choose, we ran towards the girls - all the ten of us - but of course, we went for the four girls.  One guy fall, the others started to crash over him, others slipped aside, and we had the greatest chaos.  

I don't believe this will happen tonight (would be funny, so) - but I am still not sure that I really want to do it.  Butterflies in my stomach.  My goodness, and memories coming back.


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