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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Interesting article about cause of and solutions to traffic jams

We all curse those days when we get stuck in traffic jams. And guess what - major traffic jams are caused by drivers - those who weave in and out of their lanes, and cause other drivers to apply the brakes. And when someone applies brakes too heavily, well, the ripple effect that is caused affects the cars behind and more and more cars are affected, until the traffic jams is, simply put, just there.

A study related to the US found that a total of 75% of all traffic jams are created in such a way. Again: because cars apply the brake too heavily - translated into the traffic in Kuala Lumpur - all traffic jams, because we cut in too close in front of the car forcing the car to use the brakes heavier than what might be needed.

A remedy is a little equipment called adaptive cruise control and the study found out that only 20% of the cars would need such equipment and than, traffic would be smoother. What does it do? The article says that "Human drivers have a tendency to brake harder than the car in front of them did, erring on the side of safety. That can make a bad situation worse, says Prof. Davis. But "ACC eliminates the tendency to overbrake. It smoothes out the overreactions, correcting for bad drivers."

May be the Malaysian government, should look into this tool. They just announced that they want to have a total overhaul of the transport system, what is needed and long awaited. May be Proton should build that thing into their cars. Wouldn't that be nice?


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