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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Kashmeer Naan

This is Kashmeer Naan. It is prepared with five different kinds of fruits, and until yesterday, I didn't know that it exists. It tastes delicious (I ate it with Tandoori Chicken, one of my favourites).

Food is one of the great attractions in Malaysia. I love it, I simply do. All this different types of snacks and sweets and how Malaysians blend different cultures into their cuisine.

Sometimes, food surprises my taste buds. Something that looks sweet, suddenly tastes sour or is spicy. Sometimes, something that looks spicy is extremely sweet, that your teeth start screaming.

I am in Malaysia quite a long time and feel pretty assimilated. But what also surprises me is the different types of sauces. I never get it right, which sauce goes with which dish, and I am happy, when my wife is with me and tells me that this sauce wouldn't taste at all with (..... - fill in the brackets). Tourists face the same problem. I recently saw one tourist, I don't know in which hotel, who put honey on her Roti Canai. Okay, it might taste - I haven't tried. But I think that the cook should also inform tourists what goes best with what. Otherwise, some funny stories develop.


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