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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fresh graduate encounter of the Third Art

One of my friends just graduated and is looking for a job. Subsequently, she started to apply for a couple of jobs in a variety of areas.

One of those companies now called and during the conversation, they apparently asked her that if they were to recruit her, if she would be willing to wash and clean the toilet during the first week. She originally applied for a position as management and marketing coordinator. After this, she asked what this would have to do with cleaning the toilet, and they said that this is a personality test.

I know that it is tough to get a job today, and that it is a buyers market - employers have some power in "dictating" the conditions. It is okay to start at a lower level and don't expect too much in the beginning - many companies prefer their top management to have worked through the ranks - but this? I hope that this is really not what all graduates encounter. What are you thinking?

Anybody has got a similar story?


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