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Saturday, August 14, 2004

SME Conference - How to become a Malaysian entrepreneur

There is an exhibition in Kuala LUmpur currently, for Small and Medium Sized Entrepreneurs. I went to one of the conferences today. Topic of the seminar was "From Nobody to Somebody - Becoming a Malaysian Entrepreneur". Well, here is my reflection - the first of two postings.

The picture has been taken before the conference started, and I had time to think some of my typical thoughts in such situations - what about my experience here. How do I feel, how do others feel?

In a seminar or a conference, the time before the speeches begin is the time an organizer is the most anxious. Will it be a success or a failure? The seats are slowly filling up, the speakers hussle around their presentation. It is here, where the connection between the organisers and the audience could be established. Why let people get bored? Not everybody is in a group. Not always is a conference laid out in a way that allows for networking and conversations before the conference starts. The picture taken is from the SME conference. The topic of this specific forum was ''From Nobody to Somebody" - a forum about becoming a Malaysian entrepreneur. So why not showing clips about entrepreneurs? Or play some motivational audio tapes. Well, not the best ideas as well, but anything is better than silence, is it? And nothing worse than apologising for a delay occurred. Speakers were established entrepreneurs were invited speakers. So how does it reflect if they are late - okay - they were about 15 minutes late, which is still very punctual in Malaysia.


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