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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Against the trend - look at this monster burger

There is this huge debate ongoing in the US about health and obesity and the relation between companies such as McDonalds and Wendy or Burger King or just too much food.

There are plenty of statistics around to show that Americans are obese. Fastfood joints go for health after coming increasingly under attack. They reduce the sizes of their burgers, and offer salads. Basically, they are screaming that they are not that bad and that they want to be seen as healthy. But, again, they will look the same in the end and there is no way, a consumer is changing the mind of how they see the companies.

One company is standing up against the trend and thus, stands out from the crowd: It is Hardees Restaurant - they now offer a Monster Thickburger with 1,420 calories and 107 gram of fat. Totally unhealthy - but they claim it is not a burger "for tree-huggers but one for young, hungry guys who want a really big, delicious, juicy, decadent burger. I hope our competitors keep promoting those healthy products, and we will keep promoting our big, juicy delicious burgers."

One can say what he/ she wants - they surely stand out from the crowd - I am not saying that this is good, but that it is a way to stand out from the crowd - you got to see the picture of the burger.


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