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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Stupid employees

I went to an open house last Friday and overheard a conversation between a marketing communications person working in a hotel and person who has some dealings with this hotel on behalf of his company. Lets call the Communications Person A and the other one B.

Apparently some employees in the hotel messed up something earlier and the two talked about it. A apologised profoundly, more than once, which is okay. She said that she is very sorry about this. The part that I didn't like at all was when she said that it was the fault of her stupid employees who didn't behave correctly. In front of a customer!! She mentioned stupid a couple of times.

It is my opinion that mess ups are normal, and a way of life. Hey - we all mess up - and if we won't fail, life would be boring. Failure is development. We have to accept it. Gosh, if we get scolded or punished every time we do something wrong, we would be discouraged to do anything new. Look at babies - they try and try and try - they fail constantly. If we scold them, they would keep crawling on the floor. They wouldn't dare to get up and may be, we would never have walked on two legs. The first person to walk on two legs would have been killed by his or her tribe - don't do it, you cannot walk on two legs, never do that again - bam bam bam - dead!!

Babies are happy when you encourage them. The most happiest "creatures" on earth, so to say. Nothing beats the smile of a kid that has accomplished something.

Someone in this hotel hired the employees, can it be that those "Stupid Employees" were hired by the same department, the same person may be that hired you as well? What makes you better than?

She said that those employees had already been replaced, but this doesn't make it better. May be an "accident by recruitment". Still. I don't like when people complain about others. Imagine, I complain to some person called 1 about someone else called 2. How trustworthy am I? Isn't it possible that I complain to the other person 2 about you, number 1, as well, once I meet him or her? What kind of climate do I create? I climate of mistrust, of biching, so to speak.

Don't get tangled up in my thoughts, but I think it is really really bad and not integer, neither from the person nor does it speak well about the hotel - which is not very known anyway - could this be a result?


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