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Sunday, November 14, 2004

So much food

I am going to the gym to lose food. Running on the treadmill, sweating along. Trying to get better, hoping, to keep my body in shape and fit. Always thinking about future health and how some exercise keeps one young. I do this in Fitness First although I am not too excited about them.

I am trying to reduce the amount of food I eat over lunch or diner. There is just so much food and if I would always eat what I get, I would be doubling my size. I am waking up the stairs in the office building - just two floors - to stay healthy. I listen to the new advertisement about Sehat that is played in the radio every morning, and I don't like it too much but what to do - they play it while I drive and I like to listen to station (do you know which advertisement I mean? - nevermind, if not).

Food is the unifying connection between all Malaysians . There is Indian culture, Malay culture, Chinese culture and some real healthy mix of all in between. What ties them all together is the love for food. Go to any stall, and you find a healthy mixture of all ethnic groups frequenting (as long as it is halal, of course).

There are plenty of festivals in Malaysia - I only know of one country where they have more festivals and that is Sri Lanka. I read that a governmental officer could have about 180 days off in a year - they even have a holiday declared when their team wins in Cricket. But I love what Malaysia has to offer in terms of holidays - Islamic holidays, Chinese and Indian ones, and those that apply to all groups - like the Independence Day Celebrations.

Hari Raya (similar to Chinese New Year, I think), means visiting other houses and families. Relatives and close friends. Today is Hari Raya and now, that it is 7.30 PM, I am stuffed. I am absolutely, incredibly staffed. I cannot eat anymore. While it is nice (most of the time) to visit people's house and meet new people, you are always invited to eat. Malay food like Ketupat, Nasi Himpit, the famous Laksa, Hari Raya Cookies, Chocolade Cakes and so on. In each house. I think we visited may be ten, but I lost track. And that is just the first day of Hari Raya. I had the strange feeling that every time, we entered the car, it sank a bit deeper down. We all ate and ate and ate.

So here I go. I lost 3.5 kilos over the last couple of weeks and months. But I don't dare to get onto any scale in the near future.


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