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Monday, November 15, 2004

Atlantis discovered?

Jess's blog made me aware of it. But close to Cybrus? So boring, actually. I always thought it is in the middle of the Atlantic, far away.

What would this mean to me? Is this a WoW? Well, it could be since it opens up the space for a lot of new discoveries and learning and all.

But, it would also mean the end of imagination, and riddles and an end to another dream from the childhood - who didn't start to dream about Atlantas when you heard it first in your life? Anyone here knows the song by Donovan - Atlantis? Beautiful. It is a very, very old song, but it is great and tells the story of Atlantis and its great discoveries, and when the priests of Atlantis learnt that their island is doomed, they send all their ships away to tell the world about their disaster. Nice song.

But, may be, now, new imaginative stories begin to take form?


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