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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The first afternoon in the Kampung

I like to be in Perlis. It is a nice place and quiet. Time to hang out with some nice people. However, I always always always regret that I am so @#%@$ tight up in my normal life back in Kuala Lumpur that I don't have the time (take the time?) to really learn Bahasa Malaysia or Melayu (the national language).

Okay - I can understand what goes on - besides the time I get everything wrong, and I misunderstand totally to the great fun of everybody. And, what's more, Perlis Bahasa really sounds like Thai to me, as if I could speak Thai. It just sounds like it. But I wrote about learning Bahasa before and yeah, I will, once again, promise to me that I will learn it next year. I really will - big promise.

The first afternoon was easy - we went to my brother-in-law's house, and I simply fall asleep. Slept solid for two hours. Was really necessary. Account it to the exhaustion from the last couple of weeks in the office, and the long ride back here.

Than, watching Shark's Tale. I liked the movie, but somehow, it is weaker than Nemo or so. Don't know, may be I was still sleepy. Okay, it is about being different and being accepted by friends and family. About accepting who you are. At least that is my interpretation.

Playing with the little ones was also fun. Some chasing, some tickling, and the famous JoJo, what is so common all around us currently. So yeah, I have fun. Even with the few firecrackers that burst outside, in view of the celebration coming.


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