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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

More bookshelves at home

It was time.

We bought so many books and they were all over the place in our house. It started to look messy and the cozy feeling of being surrounding by books slowly left - the problems and challenges a news junkie feels.

So my wife and I went on a shopping binge over the last two weeks. All in all, we bought four big bookshelves from Carrefour. Okay, I know, I wrote earlier that I don't like Carrefour, because I think and still believe that Carrefour doesn't trust their customers. And I still stand to the point and "sneak into their entrance" with my plasic bags since I don't want to make the fuss. I still wait for the time the catch me and ask me to seal my bags - which I would refuse, as mentioned. My wife is also worried about the moment, because she knows I am prepared. I won't let it out at the guards, but would ask for management straight away.

They are selling pretty good bookshelves for about RM 125 - we bought four of them. Can you believe it? Those are big ones, and while we started off buying two first, we quickly decided to buy two more. The first set was occupied way too quickly with files and books.

Anyway, my study at home feels great. Packed with bookshelves, the computer in the middle and a sofa to hang out on. I will buy a small table, because I take notes when I read and currently, it is too uncomfortable. But I will run into the next problem soon, if we keep buying at the rate we do. It is not necessarily that I read all the books, but it is also the feeling of collecting them. May be I am a book collector.


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