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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Balik kampung and standing out from the crowd

On Wednesday, we will balik kampung (for those non-Malay speaker, this means return home, or going home). It is the annual trip back to Perlis for Hari Raya (for those outside Malaysia - it means the celebration at the end of the Islamic fasting month or Ramadan). I promised my father-in-law that, wherever we are (we = my wife, I and my kid), we will return to Perlis for Hari Raya.

I am always sticking out there, the white man or Mat Salleh. Kids look at me - when I am in the garden, playing with my kid and others, and they happen to bicycle along the road and see me, they turn around and look, look, look. I am always worried that they might accidentally end up in the drain or in the middle of the on-coming traffic, due to their lack of concentration and curiosity.

Hari Raya is kind of fun. I say kind of, because, again, I am the only white guy around. Everybody knows me and my name, but since there are so many, many visitors, I have the feeling there are hundreds of them and I might not be wrong in this assumption. I tend to forget their names. Especially, since I see many of them only once in a year. Kind of embarrassing, actually.

I also feel strange to go to the mosque. I mean, I am the only white guy, and we - my in-laws and I - tend to sit in the front row. Exposed to everybody. And may be it is me and my uncertainty and perception, but I have the feeling, that everybody looks at me. Positively, of course, and full of curiosity.

I like Perlis. It is fun to be away from the hectic in Kuala Lumpur. Where we are staying is a bit away from Kangar as well. It is the time, where I can relax - besides during Hari Raya, when it is absolutely chaotic. A lot of sleep, reading, and spending time with my kid - when he has time for me, that is. I bring my computer this time so I can satisfy my addiction to blogging.

So well, two more days to go and than I am off. Off work, and finally, some holiday. No more tired looking. Anyone of you bloggers in Perlis as well?


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