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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Hairstyles for men

I went to my hairdresser today, something, I have delayed for a couple of weeks now. Okay, but since I cut my hair quite short, when I cut it, it still isn't too long, so actually quite okay.

Its been a long time since I waited for a longer time for my turn, and, looking at me in the mirror - gosh, I look so tired, and in need of the upcoming holidays - I realised that I haven't changed my hairstyle for a long time.

Anyone who has read the book "Why Men Lie and Women Cry" by Allan and Barbara Pease will probably remember their statement somewhere in the book that men don't change their hairstyle anymore, once they reach a certain age - couldn't find the right page in my book, so I don't know the age given anymore. According to the Pease's men keep the same hairstyle until the end of time, so to speak.

Okay, I am wearing pretty short hair since about five or six years, and once the hair start to crop up over my ears, I get the itchy feeling that I need a haircut. When I was younger I had long hair, coloured parts of my hair in blue or black, sometimes orange. Those were the times in Germany, when I was younger, it was in, it was funky and I was in the mids of everything.

Now, in the so-called corporate world in Asia, it is more difficult to change my hairstyle - but may be I am wrong. I had a great mentor when I worked in a market research agency in Indonesia, who always had an orange hair strain, despite being about 50 at that time. Its his personal style. He still has it.

Women have it easier, I believe. They can straighten their hair, colour it, keep it long, shorten it, have a perm or whatever. Even when they get older. Okay not all do, and my mum in Germany also has the same hairstyle since I can think of it. The only thing that changes is the perm before festivals, like Christmas or so.

Male movie actors also change their hairstyle - compare Tom Cruise's hairstyle in "The Last Samurai" with "Mission Impossible" - okay, they might do it for their movies, but this is their corporate world.

Comparing their professional life with mine, I wonder what would happen if the corporate clients of the company I am working with would see me in a different hairstyle. But then, male actors also earn a lot more money than I do, and are differently branded, so can demand that people understand their style. And they also change according to the needs of an upcoming assignment.

I remember hairdresser "shops" in Africa - I travelled and worked a bit in West Africa. A lot of times, African hairdressers put something like a billboard advertising their haircut services on the roadside, in front of their shop. On the billboard, you see different styles possible for haircuts. You see the "police style", the "punk style", the "fashionable style" and so on - I don't get it all, and the only real one that I remember is the "police style". The rest I just made up for illustrative purposes. But it is fun to remember - I have the respective photos in Germany, otherwise I would upload it.

But I digress!

I may have to live with the hairstyle that I do have now. Sometimes wear the hair shorter (when my kid calls me botak man), sometimes a bit longer. Or is there any alternative?


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