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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Reached Kampung

We just arrived in Perlis, after a five hour (and a bit) drive. And see, what I am doing? Posting - cannot believe it, but I brought the computer along.

We drove off at 7.30 AM in the morning - ninety minutes after our planned departure. That is normal - we also plan to leave earlier than we manage.

There were no traffic jams, none of the promised watch towers that look out for traffic offenders. But there were none - well, only two cars raced by - speeding like mad. Headlights on, and flashing about 500 meters away from my car already. They zoomed by and I already drove the required 110 km.

There were no speed controls either, despite a mail that circulated around in Kuala Lumpur, stating the locations of the speed controls. My wife was sitting in the car, studying the print-out, stated that she wouldn't know any of the locations outside of Kuala Lumpur. Promptly, she fall asleep.

So I taught my kid about speed and kilometers - one kilometer is 1,000 meters (just in case, some of you want to know), and how long we would need to reach. He kept asking, since he looked forward to his little friends in Kampung Perlis.

Okay - and the visiting is getting started. I have to log off now, to visit my brother-in-law. Happy working in Kuala Lumpur, and Happy Deepavali


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