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Monday, August 02, 2004

Malaysia is just so cold

I had to go to the doctor this morning for a medical checkup for my company's insurance provider. Had to fast since last night and just hoped that everything would start on time - It is a pity that this is not always the case in Malaysia, and that frequently, "one has to wait the obligatory 30 minutes" before the person you want to see arrives.

Well, this time it was okay. I got my weigth checked (changing) and my height (still the same as it has been for a long time).

I had an EEC and blood test, and heart checkup and all that. What bothered me, is that the rooms were so cold. I had to take off shirt and trousers for the checkup, and gosh, why is it that those rooms are freezingly cold.

This really is no fun. I mean, it is so normal in Malaysian buildings that the aircon is just blowing hard. In my office, many of the employees wear pullovers, sweat shirts or cover themselves in blankets. I wear a casual jacket most of the time. Many of us get sick, because it is so cold. I once couldn't type fast anymore because it was just so cold.

I sometimes wonder if building managements across the countries think that having a cold building is giving them a competitive advantage. My boss sometimes says, jokingly, that he requests freezing temperature, so that we won't fall asleep, especially after lunch.

The bad part is that many doors in those buildings are open, basically letting the cold air out - cooling down Kuala Lmpur?? How much electricity could be saved, if a management would increase the temperature by just 1 degree. How much money could they save?

Just think: Tourists are coming here to enjoy the weather - fleeing the cold weather of Europe or the US, they are saving a whole year worth of money to come to Asia or Malaysia - and what do they encounter? Cold temperatures. Isn't it funny, actually?


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