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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I am worried

I was never in the mood to comment much about politics, although I believe that if you are silent on certain issues, you are also supporting those issues. But I have to say something about the current situation in the US and how it is heading towards the next election.

I don't see too many differences between Bush and Kerry, and it might be more a choice between Pest or Cholera, to bring a drastic example. However, the experience with Bush over the past couple of years taught me to be worried about a continuation of his reign.

Bush and Kerry are racing head to head in public opinion polls. In segmenting the polls according to areas of interest Bush has a lead in the area of security (for whatever reasons). I am very very worried that recent events play into Bush's hands and that he is able to pull off another election victory.

How? Think about possible arrests of other al Qaeda members. Last week, Pakistani's captured Tanzanian Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani - which is great news. But what I don't hope is that America knows where more of the terrorists are and arrests them just on time for the election. Joi Ito indicated this in his blog, and The New Republic also wrote an article about it (

This is just an assumption and there is no proof that this is the case - so take it as a speculation.
Over the last couple of days, major areas in the US were put on high alert for terror attacks - what will happen if there is an attack on the country?

In any of these events I believe that America, in a vote full of emotions, would vote for Bush again. I also believe that this would create a world which is more divided than ever and becomes more dangerous to live in.

But two parties are needed for division - and nothing better can happen for al Quaeda if Bush is re-elected. Why? Bush is very much criticised in the rest of the world. The Arab world is not happy, Europe has strong objections over some of his policies. Some of his politics - even if well intended - frustrate young, desperate and disillusioned Muslims in the Middle East, and they might just pick up their weapons in the ill-guided idea of a just war for their cause.

I know that this entry is probably creating an uproar - but it is my personal opinion. And I am also guided by emotions, and frustrated by what is happening. Frustrated, shocked and horrified by terror attacks, mutilated children and killed, innocent people. I am strongly feeling for Palestine as well as for Israel as well as for Iraq as well as for .... I can go on endless. I am very very unhappy with the current foreign politics of the US - this is my right (In the same urge and to justify myself, I am unhappy with the internal politics of Germany and its rigidity in the labour laws, for example).

I might be unhappy with a future government of Kerry as well, for the same reasons or others. But this is my flexibility. So. This is that. Booh me, flame me, if you don't like it - but be reasonable.


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